How Cubicle Designs Affect Employee Productivity and Performance

Published: 19th June 2008
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Today's jobs are highly stressful with constant pressure to meet deadlines to satisfy customers and to come up with solutions for unexpected problems. Office organization and design is directly linked to employee productivity and performance. Lately, companies, manufacturers and architects alike are paying more and more attention to health, safety and comfort issues.

The concept of a typical office loaded with cubicles is changing at a very fast pace. You cannot place people in small workstations and expect them to perform well and be productive. You cannot confine people to little cubicles and expect them to spend 1/3 of their day staring at the computer screen and be creative.

Cubicles are revolutionary inventions; nevertheless the way cubicles are designed is critical to employee productivity and performance. The concept of "open office" borrowed from Europe in the 1950s revolutionized the nature of the work environment and created a transparent, democratic, and egalitarian work look and feel where employees were "connected." A more interactive and collaborative workplace fosters improved performance. The best ideas are nurtured when there's a feeling of community and solidarity, where employees can easily interact with each other and toss suggestions around. The need for a workspace that promotes team spirit is crucial.

The open-plan office, filled with cubicles, was revolutionary but concerns about privacy and ambient noise led companies to rethink the office cubicle design. This open-plan model where a large open room was filled with small cubicles was a nightmare for employees. It became a nightmare for employers too as they were losing valuable workforce strength. A great number of companies realized that the balance between privacy and community is critical. They began searching for new designs that could provide a more egalitarian and cost-efficient work environment without sacrificing privacy and comfort; that is, a private work space, yet highly engaging.

Today office cubicle design places the individual at the center. Office cubicles are designed to promote better performance and productivity in the workplace.

Thanks to its growing commitment to R&D, MAiSPACE is constantly searching for innovative office cubicle design to help you boost your company's performance. Its office cubicle furniture products are elegant, sleek, stylish, and functional. MAiSPACE develops new ways to increase productivity at work with its revolutionary products such as ergonomic and smart office chairs, folding conference tables, high-tech office cubicles with individual temperature controls and piped in music. Removable, reconfigurable office cubicle furniture products simplify moving elements into and throughout the building reducing installation costs. It can also reduce the number of framing components required. The workstations can be easily taken apart and then re-assembled.

Office cubicle systems are meant to be comfortable, functional, and efficient. It's all about space planning and utilization, efficiency and human comfort. The principal idea is to layer storage (full wall storage shelves) and to leverage the vertical space. Yes there might be some truth that creativity might flourish in disorder, but you can't be surrounded by clutter at work. Your desk at home could look like a crime scene, but at work some organization is certainly needed. A neat desk definitely saves time you would otherwise spend looking for things, allows your co-workers to find things in your office and as importantly it creates a more professional environment.

Your files do not need to be color-coded, but some organization is certainly required to project a professional look. A neat infrastructure over which you can place your files, folders and papers is what you need. At MAiSPACE, we have developed custom office cubicle furniture with smaller desks, so sitting arrangements can be worked-in. Tables, which could replace desks, and versatile book shelves which can become filing cabinets with crates and decorative boxes when required are additional examples of flexible components providing flexible configurations. When space is limited, there are imaginative alternatives that can serve dual purposes. MAiSPACE helps you take advantage of every inch of space in your workspace in an efficient and economical way.

MAiSPACE offers you a variety of ways to reconfigure your office space. We are as concerned as you are about your productivity, performance and profitability.

The office furniture market is highly competitive, and MAiSPACE leads the way with record growth in sales and profits; this can only be attributed to leading edge product design and innovation. As new technology is developed, the furniture industry needs to make adjustments too. MAiSPACE is continually working on new and innovative designs to accommodate technological advances. MAiSPACE's new, modestly priced product line, MORSPACE, was a great success when it was introduced in 1997. MOrSPACE has taken cost effective systems to the next level. MOrSPACE is still the office furniture industry's most affordable frame and tile system. No contract furniture manufacturer can match our quality at our price points. It's that simple. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Ergonomic Office Furniture and Modern Office Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Office Cubicles.

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